Why Choose JPM

We meet your needs, precisely




  • An
    Industry Leader

    JPM has built its successful business on innovative design and precision manufacturing, with technology that has set industry standards. Its reputation for excellence in the production of precision bearing components and machined parts is unequaled.

  • Above All

    The quality of our parts is well above all industry standards. JPM is dedicated to excellence and is an approved government source.

  • From Common
    to Complex

    JPM's capability extends over a wide scope of technology, from relatively simple general industrial, to ultra-precision machining of sophisticated components. You may be assured of JPM's prompt attention to all your requirements.

  • Aerospace
    and More...

    Typical applications include aerospace gyroscopes, gimbals for inertial platforms, instrument bearings, computer disk drives, precision machine tool spindles, and more. JPM also produces precision machined parts for the aerospace, aircraft and biomedical industries as well as a wide range of commercial product.s

  • Barcode

    Each job is entered into our computerized production control system and tracked through all phases of production. This system utilizes each operation and supplies production and delivery information to both customers and management.

  • Best Materials

    You can select from a wide variety of non-metallic and metallic materials for your fabricating needs.

  • An Expertly
    Trained Team

    JPM is equipped with more than 30 trained operators with more than 300 years of experience collectively. They are backed by an effective force of true craftsman dedicated to maintaining the highest manufacturing standards.

  • Professional

    Whatever your machining requirements, JPM can offer you fine quality and prompt delivery at highly competitive prices. Normal delivery on all orders is eight to ten weeks, depending on availability of material, which we maintain substantial inventories of.